The Illinois Electronic Security Association exists to protect the private alarm industry at the local, state and national level. The IESA actively engages in government advocacy, led by Illinois-based lobbyist Dick Lockhart of Social Engineering and Edward W. Williams of Williams & Nickl, LLC. Additionally, the Electronic Security Association is represented in Washington D.C. by John Chwat of The Chwat Group.

The IESA also offers a wide-range of professional development and training courses from the ESA’s National Training School and we host five membership meetings each year. This includes a social/business event in September, as well as a Vendor Trade Show in November to coincide with our Annual Executive Board Elections.
We encourage you to join the IESA today and become active, ethical contributors to promote and protect your industry.

For those interested in becoming a member of the IESA please refer to the PDF’s below

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Electronic Security Networking for Technicians

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On Friday, January 20, 2017, the IESA will host its second training course in conjunction with Slayton Solutions to provide a hands-on education about electronic security networking for technicians. The cost is $570 for Members and $695 for non-members. The class will be held at 999 E. Touhy Ave., 5th Floor, Des Plaines. Details about start/end times will be announced soon, but please save the date and keep this course in mind for you and your staff.
Training for the Electronic Security Networking Technician(ESNT) certification, performed by the Electronic Technicians Association (ETA), is a combined home-study and one-day classroom “nuts and bolts” program teaching the basics of IP network fundamentals applied to physical security. While many IT certifications deal with in-depth elements of networking, the ESNT is a first-level program specifically for physical security technicians and sales personnel. The program emphasizes hands-on, practical security-related applications. All ETA certifications measure competencies of persons, not products. They are non-vendor specific.

Upcoming Meetings

November 9, 2016: Gene & Georgetti’s Rosemont IL
January 11, 2017: General Membership Meeting
March 8, 2017: General Membership Meeting
May 10, 2017: General Membership Meeting
November 8, 2017: Annual Elections
Look for details and registration information soon…

NFPA Revision: VOTE NEGATIVE on Motions 72-8 and 72-9

Alarm industry participants from across the nation are encouraged to help defeat two items by voting NEGATIVE on motions 72-8 and 72-9 during the NFPA meeting in Chicago on June 25. To be an eligible voting member of NFPA, you must have been a member as of December 24, 2014. The meeting starts at 8:00 am. To register for the technical committee meeting, click here.

The defeat of these motions is necessary due to a cluster of fire-service personnel in the Chicagoland area who filed Certified Amending Motions to rescind newly proposed language written during this revision cycle for the 2016 Edition that would clearly ALLOW Listed Central Stations to provide Remote Station Service.

Specifically, within the proposed final edition – which the IESA supports – is a paragraph which reads “ Alarm, supervisory and trouble signals SHALL be permitted to be received at a listed central supervising station.

Opponents of this code progress would remove SHALL and keep the word MAY, thus allowing the exclusion of a central station from being recognized as a remote station. This is occurring in some Chicago suburbs in which fire departments operate their own alarm-monitoring centers. In those communities, the AHJ designates a single remote station, typically operated by the AHJ itself, as “approved” under the Code and then REJECTS all forms of private fire-alarm monitoring, including monitoring via a listed central station. This eliminates all private competition and leaves the AHJ as the sole provider of a service.

It is this sort of practice that has resulted in two federal lawsuits in the northern district of Illinois.

If you will be voting at the Chicago NFPA meeting in June, please contact me.


Motion Seq# 72-8

Certified Amending Motion: Accept Public Comment No. 140

Recommended Text if Motion Passes: When permitted by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, alarm, supervisory, and trouble signals shall be permitted to be received at a listed central supervising station

Recommended Text if Motion Fails: Alarm, supervisory, and trouble signals shall be permitted to be received at a listed central supervising station.

Motion Seq# 72-9

Certified Amending Motion: Accept Public Comment No. 192.

Recommended Text if Motion Passes: The proposed new text ( is not recommended for inclusion in the 2016 edition of NFPA 72.

Recommended Text if Motion Fails: Alarm, supervisory, and trouble signals shall be permitted to be received at a listed central supervising station.


Deadline to be involved in helping the Illinois Electronic Security Association

If you want to be involved in the process of helping the Illinois Electronic Security Association determine its legislative agenda for upcoming sessions of the General Assembly, sign up for the May 13 meeting at Manzo’s in Des Plaines.

Tuesday morning is the deadline to sign up for this important even that will set the tone as we move forward legislatively.

Every single licensee – especially IESA members – is encouraged to attend this meeting during which we hope to shape our position on a few legislative items, including our licensure. The IESA still intends to meet with the fire inspectors at some point (this is the group that pushed SB1685) but we first want to hear from the industry (again MEMBERS IN PARTICULAR) about the position we will take during that meeting.

In addition to legislative items, we will be discussion the various legal issues that the IESA is currently addressing, including the situations in Madison, Alton and East St. Louis.

Kevin Lehan
Executive Director

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